Byenveni nan Ayiti!
Welcome to Haiti! 
Education for All

By building a school in Titans (tee-tahns), building a  library at St. Bernadette's school, and supplying 50 e-readers, we are working toward making education a reality for all Haitian children. 

What We Do

Healthcare for All

Created to serve those with little to no access to medical care, the clinic has seen over  8,000 patients and has hosted 15 medical and dental missions. 

Water Means Life

Less than half of all Haitians have access to safe, potable water. By partnering with the Gift of Water, we are working to change that. 

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Corn Grinder

An economic project for the farmers in the region. A business plan was created by the people that would allow farmers to grind their corn for a fee and the money would be used to maintain the grinder and pay for fuel. Extra money would be set aside to purchase seed.