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Partners with Haiti is a registered non-profit corporation. Its work is done through a ministry of St. Paul’s Catholic Church in St. Petersburg Florida. We were established in 1999 and have been working ever since to improve the quality of life in the communities served by our twin parish, St. Isidore’s, on the island of Lagonav, Haiti. 


Our work includes regular financial support, educational support, health care, clean water, micro-economic projects, and emergency relief.

Over 120 of our members and friends have visited Haiti with us on 54 different trips. Our annual budget budget is approximately $100,000  and we are all volunteers.

In 2010, we founded a health clinic, staffed by locally-trained Haitians.  We also sponsor and operate a 400-family clean water project which kicked off in  2011.


In September 2012, we began support of an agricultural co-op. In 2014 we completed construction of the first-ever library at our twin parish school and stocked it with e-readers from "Library for All".


We also support an infirmary at our twin parish school and a mother’s health club  which serves the local community.


In 2015 a youth auxiliary, YPWH, was founded by teen graduates of St. Paul’s school and their parents. We have since sponsored six teen mission trips.

In 2018 construction was completed on a new parish satellite school in the remote fishing village of Titans. We supplied the funding, and local craftsmen did the work.

PWH is a member of The Parish Twinning Program of the Americas, the largest international “church-to-church" organization in the United States.

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