• Juliette Shelton

My Trip to Haiti: Juliette Shelton

My trip to Haiti changed me more than I could have ever known. The people were amazing. They were kind, happy, welcoming and generous.

I learned that you do not have to speak the language to communicate. We were able to connect through soccer, church, music, making bracelets, giving our backpacks, playing chase, and carrying the children on our backs. I loved how happy the children were and how much they loved being with us.

The emotion I felt was so positive and it was so great to see so many kids smiling. I realized they don’t know how poor they are compared to us; and yet, they seemed so grateful - far more than we often are.

It made me realize how much we take for granted. I also noticed how hard they all work for everything - there were no luxuries, not even basic things like water, education, tools and even clothes.

However, despite all the poverty, they seemed happy and were very respectful to their elders, to small children, and to God.

Juliette Shelton

Shorecrest Preparatory School, Class of 2018

#Haiti #YPWH #Education

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