• Ann Richter, CNM

The Mother's Club of Plen Mapou

"Where do you get your strength to do all that you do for your children? In unison everyone answered 'JESUS'!"

Where do you get your strength to do all that you do for your children? In unison everyone answered “JESUS”! I asked this question to the 18 women in the mother’s club which our wonderful nurse, Miss Elisea has formed. I wanted to know, what was the source of their strength for raising their many children in homes without running water or electricity, and are brought to the clinic so clean and well mannered?

It is away inspiring to me to see how joyful these women are in this beautiful valley where our clinic is located. After affirming their faith, I asked them, what else gave them support?

They credited the other women in the group who have given them much support. A lively discussion ensued after this next question: with all of the experience you have had, how would you respond to a young pregnant women who asks your advice on having a healthy pregnancy?

Their answers revolved around diet, immunization against tetanus, and coming to the clinic. As almost all of the pregnant women that I saw at the clinic had not had breakfast, I emphasized the importance of eating something in the morning, especially in the later part of their pregnancies. They said that most people only have enough food for one meal a day at this time of year.

This is a difficult problem to solve. The pregnant women we examined at the clinic were delighted to receive the birth kits and baby hats which were made by the women of St. Paul’s. We were grateful to have these gifts to share with them.After our discussions they put on a “play” and sang songs which Mis Elisea wrote for them about the clinic and how grateful they are to St. Paul’s and Partners with Haiti.

This new mother’s group is becoming a great resource to the community. The mothers are sharing what they have learned through experience and at training sessions at the clinic. They hold a lot of credibility with the local women and are becoming leaders in the community - all by the Grace of God!

Anne Richter, Partners with Haiti.

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